#RolloverPopUpMAKASSAR at Mal Ratu Indah 25 October - 24 November 2019

#RolloverPopUpMAKASSAR at Mal Ratu Indah 25 October - 24 November 2019

Following another episode of pop-up roadshow after #RolloverPopUpJOGJA at Land of Leisures 2019, Rollover Reaction received many requests from its loyal customers to open a pop-up store outside Java, many of them are from Makassar customers. Answering numerous demands, the local pride officially opened a pop-up store in Makassar at Mal Ratu Indah, from 25 October until 24 November 2019. Still serving the signature playful pink aesthetic equipped with tester bars and product display shelf, Rollover Reaction’s pop-up is idyllic for photo spots. The pop-up itself aims to present an offline shopping experience and as an opportunity for a try-on before buying for the brand’s Makassar customers. Along with its raved predecessor lines, the brand also brought its highly-coveted Cushion Compact, plus Di Kala Senja, limited collaboration with actress Putri Marino and illustrator Rachel Ajeng. During this Makassar pop-up, Rollover Reaction has received an incredible love and energy from Makassar beauty enthusiasts, many divulged that they have been waiting to shop Rollover Reaction offline. Several products like Cushion Compact’s Custard Tart and Honey Toast, SUEDED! In Saddie, Umma, and the limited edition Maxwell are highly-demanded and managed to be the top 5 best sellers in #RolloverPopUpMAKASSAR. With this pop-up store, Rollover Reaction hopes to gain more brand awareness and to further aspire for a permanent store potential in Makassar and other cities in Indonesia. Within this entry, we, Rollover Reaction, would like to express our gratitude for those who came by and for all the love and support we’ve received. Albeit our first offline event outside Java, the enthusiasm is phenomenal. Also, special thanks to our media partners: iRadio Makassar, Makassar Terkini, Kumparan, and Popbela. Thank you, Makassar beauty enthusiasts, it was lovely to meet you all. See you at #RolloverPopUpMAKASSAR!


#RolloverPopUpMAKASSAR Mal Ratu Indah (Ground Floor) Jl. DR. Ratulangi No.35, Makassar 25 October - 24 November 2019

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