To the girls who are actively doing good things in lives and always on-the-go: these ones for you.

We know you are busy doing a to z and rarely have enough time to put on a full face. We offer a range of multitasking makeup products, space-saving essentials 一 all of which fit into a single makeup bag.
Rollover Reaction is your fuss-free friend that you can count on in any day and any situation 🧚🏻‍♀️

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From The Press

“As always, produk-produk yang dikeluarkan Rollover Reaction nggak pernah mengecewakan. Baik dari konsep, formula, hingga ke kemasan selalu mendapatkan nilai 100.”

I do believe they know what they're doing in this beauty industry."

“Rollover Reaction selalu tahu bagaimana cara menarik hati banyak konsumennya, dengan menghadirkan sesuatu yang berbeda.”