Meet Your Skin’s Plushiest Friend: PLUMP! Skin-Loving Blurring Cushion

Meet Your Skin’s Plushiest Friend: PLUMP! Skin-Loving Blurring Cushion

Whatever we do, the ideal scenario is we can do it with ease. Some challenges add more fun in the process, sure; but too much will take away the joy. 

The same philosophy applies to makeup. We know there’s a learning curve to it, but who’s got time for complications? After all, makeup should at least be approachable and at most, spark inspiration.

PLUMP! Skin-loving Blurring Cushion

Fuss-free beauty is the bread and butter of Rollover Reaction. So we know our products have to deserve a spot in your makeup bag whether you’re having a slow and calm day or are busy jumping from one task to the next. 

Sunscreen and on-screen protection in a cushion

Our newest creation flexes both ways when it comes to fulfilling your makeup needs: comfortable yet supports full-coverage days, lightweight yet packed with skincare ingredients, and protects you on and off the screen with its blue light protection and SPF 29 PA+++.

Please welcome PLUMP! Skin-Loving Blurring Cushion, a blanket of coverage that feels comfortable on the skin while caring for it at the same time. 

A dozen incredible ingredients in one swipe

This cushion foundation is all about being kind to your skin! The formula is hydrating, packed with antioxidant and anti-aging goodness, and goes on to leave a soothing effect when PLUMP! is worn.

12 Skincare ingredients in PLUMP! Skin-loving Blurring Cushion by Rollover Reaction

The 12 skin superstars are:

  • Hyaluronic acid: hydrating agent
  • Polyglutamic acid: hydrating agent, reduces wrinkles and pores, adds the look of plumpy skin
  • Curcumin: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, soothing 
  • Willow herbs: soothes irritated skin, anti-aging
  • Caffeine: antioxidant, helps to reduce puffiness and wrinkles
  • Niacinamide: oil control, brightens, reduces dark spot
  • Vitamin C: brightens, reduces dark spot
  • Vitamin E: anti-aging
  • Glycerin: humectant, hydrating agent, and softens the skin
  • Betaine: anti-aging, prevents wrinkles, soothes and moisturizes the skin
  • Allantoin: anti-irritant, soothes and hydrates the skin
  • Tea tree oil: wound healing

One more thing; PLUMP! only contains clean ingredients! This means that PLUMP! is free from harmful chemicals such as synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. Plus, it’s completely vegan and halal. So, you can love PLUMP! worry-free. How amazing is that?

PLUMP! Skin-loving Blurring Cushion shades buttermilk chiffon biscotti cookie

PLUMP! Skin-Loving Blurring Cushion will be available in four shades: Chiffon (light with warm undertones), Buttermilk (light medium with neutral undertones), Biscotti (medium with warm undertones), and Cookie (tan with warm undertones). 

Beyond blurring

Some days, we just want to be a touch away from perfect skin. With PLUMP!’s pore-blurring effect, it’s possible to do only one step and be out the door. Build the coverage as your heart wishes, don’t worry about heaviness piling up. Weightless wear guarantees carefree comfort, no matter if you’re chilling or hustling.

PLUMP! Skin-loving Blurring Cushion by Rollover Reaction

Ready to have fun? PLUMP! Skin-Loving Blurring Cushion will be available on 25 November 2022. Stay tuned on our Instagram and TikTok to make sure you’re not missing out!

Dive deep into the real benefits of PLUMP! here.

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