PLUMP! Your Super Cushion with Double Protection

PLUMP! Your Super Cushion with Double Protection

Healthy skin is always in. Whether it’s matte, powdered skin or luminous glazed flawlessness, we love all kinds of looks equally. Furthermore, lately we’re moving towards a more laid-back approach to beauty. So, when everyone calls upon effortless essentials, we’re here to make them happen.

PLUMP! Skin-loving Blurring Cushion in Buttermilk

With PLUMP! Skin-Loving Blurring Cushion, you get all the benefits of complexion superheroes and makeup artistry in one. Let’s get to know them all!

All around protection

With PLUMP!, protection never takes a backseat. Step one is SPF. PLUMP! has SPF 29 PA+++ ready to shield your skin from harmful sun rays. Step two, don’t forget to filter those blue lights! PLUMP! also defends your skin whenever you're in front of a screen, be it your phone or computer. We also added allantoin as an anti-irritant agent and tea tree oil to help heal wounds on the skin. No matter what you’re doing, inside or out, we got you!

PLUMP! Skin-loving Blurring Cushion

Amped-up hydration and anti-aging function in one

After sun protection, hydration and elasticity are also crucial to look out for. PLUMP! delivers the benefits of hyaluronic acid, polyglutamic acid, vitamin E, glycerin, betaine, and willow herbs that work together to keep your skin soothed, hydrated and nourished. 

Antioxidant, always

We’re big believers in fighting against free radicals. PLUMP! contains caffeine and curcumin as antioxidant heroes that block away the bad guys particles from your skin. After all, we have been including antioxidants in our lip and cheek products for a long time so it's only natural that PLUMP! follows suit. Cool, right?

Aloha, bright complexion!

Reveal your skin’s true potential with niacinamide and vitamin C, everyone’s favorite brightening ingredients. Power through the day with your best face forward!

PLUMP! Skin-loving Blurring Cushion in Buttermilk and Cookie

PLUMP! Skin-loving Blurring Cushion in Chiffon and Biscotti

Amazingly handy and portable

Think of PLUMP! like your well-designed furniture or daily essentials. PLUMP! won’t steal much of your time and the precious space in your bag. Complete with teardrop puff that reaches every nook and cranny, the two-toned compact was shaped with practicality in mind–so PLUMP! is always very user-friendly. 

PLUMP! Skin-Loving Blurring Cushion will be available in four shades: Chiffon (light with warm undertones), Buttermilk (light medium with neutral undertones), Biscotti (medium with warm undertones), and Cookie (tan with warm undertones). 

PLUMP! Skin-loving Blurring Cushion

Get it on 25 November 2022 on this page, Rollover Reaction Store Plaza Indonesia Level 4, Shopee, Tiktok Shop and Tokopedia!


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