RR Around the World: New York with Dylan Sada

RR Around the World: New York with Dylan Sada


So you moved to New York, what is it about NYC that makes you stay and keep on coming back? I first moved to New York City in 1989 with my mother. It's been home to me ever since. I find it funny when I hear people say that New Yorkers are rude, it's the total opposite to me. You walk the streets and strangers greet you, they kindly hold the door for you and smile. The diversity and creativity, the neighborhoods... There's too much to love. Every city has its pros and cons, here for example, although you are surrounded by millions of people everyday, you tend to feel lonely sometimes. It's weird how it is like that. Everyone here works hard, we know the struggle. That's what makes NYC, NYC. Either you hate it here or you love it. There's always something going on, it's a different story and adventure everyday. What’s your favorite place(s) in The City that incites your creativity? Having living here for so long, you can find creativity in the oddest places. Like for example, I once worked at one of the most iconic stores on Bleecker St. called Billy's Antique Store (unfortunately it has closed down years ago). I was literally working on the street, loading boxes of antiques and trinkets at 7 am until sundown. It was definitely one of the hardest yet the most rewarding jobs I have ever done... but the people I met everyday, the people I worked with, they're brimming with personalities. I miss that place, good times. We’ve seen you switching from being a model, to photographer, and even a singer. Out of all three, which role do you find fulfilling the most? People who know me often tell me how lucky I am that I'm able to do multiple things at once. Honestly, I find it a curse sometimes, hahaha... I envy a lot of my friends who know what they want to do in life, which profession they chose and focus on it. I on the other hand, just try to do my best at every opportunity I land on. So, I can't say which is most fulfilling. Each one has it's own charm and challenges. ...and why is that? Since I'm passionate about life, experiences & people, I'm blessed that I have been surrounded by incredibly talented and inspiring people my whole life because of my jobs. I'm passionate about traveling and my dream is to be able to see all the beauty this earth has to offer. Also, with my job, you have to have passion or not at all. Your works define you, and I'm fortunate that my jobs (as a photographer and creative artist) doesn't have an age limit. I'm a working progress, so I'm never satisfied with my work and I hope I will keep on growing. Do you have any milestone you still want to achieve? A mother. My mum had me when she was young, we are really close and when I was younger I've always wanted to have children at the same age as she did, but I never did, I still do not know when I will bare a child. We never know where life takes us so I've stopped planning things. Motherhood is a big chapter in my life that I'm looking forward to. Oh and to space travel! Before I die, I hope that I can travel to outer space and maybe humanity will discover that there is life besides on earth? Dream big right? I believe that they are out there, if not, that would be an awful waste of space! With all the travel and moving you do, what or where is home to you? As much as I call New York home. Indonesia will always be home to me. It's a place I'm proud to tell people that is where I'm from, who I am. I do travel a lot and I adjust easily as well. I don't need much, so... as long as I'm happy and comfortable, I can call any place home. About Indonesia, your home country, is there any thing you miss the most about it or you wish you could take wherever with you? The food! If I can only eat one dish for the rest of my life, it would be Indonesian food... The variety is endless! I've never heard of anyone who went to Indonesia and didn't like it. Just one bite of Nasi Padang and trust me, you'll be hooked! How do you perceive beauty? Beauty to me means comfortable. Also, acceptance and happiness. Doesn't matter if you use trendy or out of this world expensive products, if you don't feel happy from the inside, you won't feel beautiful as a whole. As the interpretation of beauty, makeup, and the industry itself are keep on changing, what is beauty routine to you personally? I'm not a very "girly girl". I find "beauty" makeup sometimes confusing if not harder than let's say, mechanics! People who are talented with makeup amaze me since makeup is a form of art. So personally, eyeliner and a good blush is enough for me. But as an artist, I would like to experiment more with beauty make up, practice and experimenting is key. One of my passions is Special Effects Makeup! Now that is something I've always been fascinated with. I grew up with classic 70's - 80's horror movies, they’re life to me. Can you tell us a bit more about your daily beauty routine? After I wake up, I wash my face with warm water and then freezing cold water (yes freezing! it closes up your pores so less chances for bacteria and germs to get into your pores). I wipe my wet face with paper towel (I re-use it of course), apply face cream from my esthetician, lather up sunblock (even if I plan on only staying indoors!), then I wear a light foundation. Next, I take out my favorite eyeliner wand, put on some faux eyebrows, a little blush goes a long way and maybe some lip stain. That has been my routine since forever. Nothing fancy but not too dull, mind you *wink*. Out of The Clique trio, which one screams your personality the most? UMMA, in a heartbeat! That deep brownish red matches my wardrobe which is 97% black although, lately I put in LIVV first and a dab of UMMA on the inner lip, the combination gives the subtle ombre look that I absolutely love.

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