Billie, Bowie, Harper, and Piper Backstory

Billie, Bowie, Harper, and Piper Backstory

SUEDED! and SLICKED! need no introduction; but please say hi to Billie, Bowie, Harper, and Piper!

Amid these uncertain times, we know how comforting seeing a familiar face can be. The world we know today can seem so strange and we crave human touch more than ever. And so we thought, “Why don’t we create something intimate, that feels native to the Rollover Reaction community but still gripping enough to excite?". At that moment we knew it had to be our cult-classic SUEDED! Lip and Cheek Cream as well as your new favorite SLICKED! Lip Glass. SUEDED! has always been our most iconic lineup since we launched in 2016, and not to toot our own horn, it’s so hard not to fall in love with its soft velvety matte formula! It gives a solid color payoff, but the formula is so adaptable that it blends perfectly on your cheeks and eyelids. The versatility of SUEDED! is the art of everyday chic, bottled. And when it comes to lip glosses, people's opinions are often very polarized. Either you love them, or you don't. But what about SLICKED!? Well, the allure of glass-like shine with a light-as-air has convinced so many to start wearing lip glosses. Plus, it makes you feel like a 90's pop princess (we call this the SLICKED! effect). We also want to make sure to make this launch greener than ever. So, we house Billie, Bowie, Harper, and Piper in limited edition recyclable and biodegradable paper packaging that can be broken down into smaller pieces and reabsorbed surrounding fungi, bacteria, or other microorganisms. SUEDED! welcomes two new shades; Billie (mid-tone nude brown) and Harper (warm red ochre), while SLICKED! brings in Bowie (sheer rose dust) and Piper (sheer burnt orange) to the club.

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