Summer Refreshment with Two New DEWDROP! Lip and Cheek Tint 🌺🍹

Summer Refreshment with Two New DEWDROP! Lip and Cheek Tint 🌺🍹

We're all about looking good without all the fuss – from that perspective, our multi use, on-the-go beauty essentials were born, among them is DEWDROP! Lip and Cheek Tint. More than 34,000 DEWDROP! have been shipped and loved by many, and that's when we think: we can never have too many DEWDROP!, don't you think so?
Without further ado, welcoming:

DEWDROP! Lip and Cheek Tint


HIBISCUS Pink blossom with cool undertone
It's fresh, it looks good on everyone, it's pink!
dewdrop juice on the lips
JUICE Persimmon pink with warm undertone
The kind of hue that gives you my lips but better and of course, juicier.
Still donning the sturdy packaging, equipped with hollow doe-foot applicator that acts as a reservoir to carry more product, it only needs one swipe on your lips and cheeks for DEWDROP! to change your entire look.
Hibiscus and Juice are also all about these (same old) refreshing goodness:
✅ contains 8 tropical fruits extracts
✅ infused with 4 kinds of plant oils
✅ with vitamin C & E
✅ UV filter
✅ 100% certified vegan
✅ sustainable box packaging; biodegradable and recyclable
picnic under the sun
With our mission supporting women with purpose, we hope to always inspire and be present through their journey in unlocking their fullest potential everyday; because one thing we know best: it's always good to have my lips but better look and have your inner self shine through!
Comes to greet you this summer: 8 August 2022 online and in-store

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