Meet DEWDROP!: The Perfect Refreshment for Your Lips and Cheeks

Meet DEWDROP!: The Perfect Refreshment for Your Lips and Cheeks

When you have a hectic day, nothing beats a freshly squeezed, ice-cold glass of mocktail on a sunny day. You can feel it gushing down your throat, quenching down your thirst instantly. Then it occurred to us: why don’t we have something like that yet?

Rollover-Reaction-DEWDROP!-Lip-Tint-CosmopolitanTo have a drop of freshness during a demanding time should come easy. After stages of formulation and testing, our next fuss-free innovation is finally here! It’s the closest thing to true summer refreshment and leaves you asking for more. Come rain or shine, you’ll want her with you the whole time.

Say hello to DEWDROP! Lip and Cheek Tint! The double-duty for the busy bee. The newest absolute must for a no-time no-makeup makeup, or a cherry on top to elevate your look with its juicy finish and beautiful stain. A quick fix that you can carry anytime anywhere, and fits in your single pocket.

DEWDROP! is also a vegan-friendly product, strengthening our page for better beauty footprint. Yay! 

Good-for-your-skin formula all packed in DEWDROP! 

What we love the most about our newest lip and cheek addition is that it features plants and tropical fruits not just for a real summer action, but also for nourishing and protecting your skin right after application.


We added 4 remarkable plants: Jojoba, Rosehip, Calendula, and Coconut oil to do wonders on the skin.

Also in the mixture 8 (eight. You read that right.) tropical fruit extracts with moisturizing powers to keep your lips extra fresh and luscious. Guava, Noni Fruit, Rambutan, Mangosteen, Mango, Banana, Pineapple, and Papaya 一 All packed with skin-conditioning agent to keep your lips and skin hydrated, healthy and refreshed.

Not to forget the synergistic effect of Vitamin C and E, double the antioxidant ammunition to fight damage from free radicals.

Learn more about the ingredients here.

With luscious formula comes delicious pigmentation.

DEWDROP! comes in six shades to choose from:
Bahama: Deep raspberry red
Mimosa: Caramel brown with warm undertone
Ginger Ale: Light ginger brown
Palm Springs: Burnt orange with coral undertone
Sour Cherry: Bright cherry red
Cosmopolitan: Guava pink with mauve undertone

    Each shade’s got a sublime glossy dew that dries down to a smooth transfer-proof stain. No dry-ness detected. Lightweight, highly buildable, and non-sticky, they won’t be lost in the depths of your makeup bag because you’d want to apply them again and again! 

    Our sustainability journey, continued.

    Isn’t it wonderful that nature provides us with many nutrients? But, being vegan-certified is not the only thing DEWDROP! does to honor mother earth. The box packaging is made with 100% biodegradable and recyclable paper. You can always opt to keep the packaging, repurposing it into something new, or taking it to your nearest recycling spot.


    Can’t wait to get in the action? DEWDROP! will be available on 7 November 2021! Waitlist DEWDROP! now, click here to #GETFRRESHENUP

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