Get to know Billie, Bowie, Harper, and Piper

Get to know Billie, Bowie, Harper, and Piper

Let us introduce you to the elevated nudes.

The best thing about natural lip colors is that they feel like a second skin. You put your favorite shade on, and it greets you with a layer of confidence without altering your whole look. Now meet Billie, Bowie, Harper, and Piper. Matte lip junkies, you’ll want to wear SUEDED! Billie and Harper all day. Boasting light as air creaminess, they glide so seamlessly on the lips and skin. Vitamin C and E band together as antioxidants, and the UV filter completes its skin-loving benefits. Perfection from start to finish. Apply, mix, and blend as you wish. Need to add some shine? We got you. With SLICKED! Bowie and Piper, your lips will look fresher than the morning dew. A hint of color fuses with the gel-like formula to deliver a multi-dimensional effect. Vitamin E, C, and UV filter help to protect the lips in a few swipes. More than just some pretty colors, they’ll leave you asking for more. Now let’s dive into the shades, shall we? The true embodiment of everybody’s nude, Billie is a versatile mid-tone nude brown that reminds us of the captivating dunes. The tone is just right to achieve a low-key daily look or to balance bold eye makeup. For a nude that refreshes and gives you a flushed effect, Harper is a warm red ochre that perks up your whole face. It’s perfect for anyone who prefers to keep it casual, but with a hint of glam. Next, we have Bowie, a sheer rose dust hue that looks like your natural lip color, but better. It has a feminine touch to it, but Bowie matches all personalities. If you're looking for a glossy nude that enchants, this shade is for you. And last but not least, we have the refined Piper, sheer burnt orange that is not overpoweringly bright. Piper gives you color when you're not in the mood for anything too bold but want to look slicked with gloss. Plus, it takes us back to the sunny summer days. The shade is just that good!

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