A Closer Look at SUEDED! 2.0

A Closer Look at SUEDED! 2.0

In 2014, the demand for well-made and wearable liquid lipsticks was at an all-time high. The best ones were generally unavailable to the Indonesian market at that time, and many beauty enthusiasts turned to pre-ordering their dream items. So when we began developing our first lipstick that year, it was clear that launching with the best formula is crucial.

Enter, SUEDED! Lip and Cheek Cream! The soft velvet-matte finish captures a lot of love and remains one of your favorite Rollover Reaction products throughout the years. The powdery texture is a dream to blend, making it so easy to coat your lips, cheeks, and eyes with SUEDED!’s lightweight yet impactful color. Four shades in particular — Saddie, Prudence, Umma, and Maxwell — are constantly flying off the shelves. And while we love the original formula just as much as you do, Rollover Reaction is always eager to make our products better!

Meet SUEDED! 2.0, the new and elevated Saddie, Prudence, Umma, and Maxwell.

Rollover Reaction SUEDED! 2.0


But wait, there’s more! SUEDED! 2.0 comes in an opulent creme packaging inspired by the 60’s era where everyday objects were truly, works of art. The cap is engraved with our signature Rollover Reaction logo that makes the tube stand out even more.

We also switched the outer packaging to biodegradable and recyclable paper to cut down on plastic waste. How amazing is that?


Plus, we made a Spotify playlist (see below) and free wallpapers to get you in the mood for this super special launch!

SUEDED! 2.0 are available now on rollover-reaction.com, and also on our official Shopee and Tokopedia stores.

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